Emameyan Foundation empowers widows in Sapele

Rolex Emameyan Foundation empowers widows in Sapele

As part of measures to take widows out of poverty in Sapele, Delta state, the CEO of Rolex Emameyan Foundation and Rox Mny Entertainment, Ambassador Rolex Erhomo Emameyan, has concluded plans to reach out to 20 widows.

According Emameyan, “widows empowerment should be part of our people, irrespective of what we have to offer.

“We all have something to offer, the widows  need support from us as well meaning Deltans.

“It is our responsibility to support them because they are facing a lot  of challenges.

“My foundation is reaching out to 20 widows in Sapele, Delta State.

“The 20 widows will get Ten Thousand Naira each as support toward their living.

“We will be fair in our selection as members of our foundation will be distributing the cash based on fairness. 

“Over the years, our foundation has focus on reaching out to people suffering in different part of our country.

“We won’t stop reaching out because there is Blessing in giving .

“Together we can change the world as People.

“We must love and support each other before we depart this earth.” he added.


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