DELTA POLLS: Vote And Not Fight, Amb. Rolex To Deltans

Vote and Not Fight; amb Rolex emameyan to deltans

DELTA POLLS: Vote and not fight, Amb Rolex to Deltans

Ambassador Rolex Erhomo Emameyan, the CEO of Rolex Emameyan Foundation and Rox Mny Entertainment has urged Deltans against violence come Saturday 6th March Delta Council Elections.

According to Rolex in message to Deltans, Voters should vote based on the performance and understand that Electroral violence has a negative effect on our country.

” The incumbent and the Opposition should endeavour to obey the law of free and fair elections.

Our People should be allowed to vote freely without any form of intimidation.

As our people come out to vote, we need peace before and after the election .

Our security Agencies should also do their best by arresting those who intend to cause violence.

It is my wish to see Election of no violence ” he said.

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