Cultism In Sapele: Emameyan Foundation To Hold Peace Rally

Cultism In Sapele: Emameyan Foundation To Hold Peace Rally

Cultism In Sapele: Emameyan Foundation to Hold Peace Rally.

Due to activities of cultists in Sapele , Delta State, The Rolex Emameyan Foundation will be organizing a rally to draw attention to the negative effects of cultism.

In a statement signed by the founder of Rolex Emameyan Foundation, Amb Erhomo Rolex Emameyan, the peace rally in Sapele is in conjunction with the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Sapele Chapter.

He said, “the rally calls for all well-meaning sons and daughters of Sapele community, both young and old to participate by simply talking to one another, that the killing and bloodshed are enough.

There is an adage that says β€œNa where love dey , Na peace dey.” We want PEACE, UNITY AND LOVE.

It is so heart-breaking, disheartening and disturbing that we are painfully tired of seeing our young and vibrant youths exit Mother Earth wastefully.”

He also noted that cultism is a disease that has killed alot of our People.

“This is not a show of confidence or power, this is a show of love, in its real existence which is the beacon and existence of the ROLEX EMAMEYAN FOUNDATION.

We understand that there are bound to be issues and problems in life, because we think and see things differently and sometimes we want to tell others how powerful we are, but hear this now, no man has power of their own that is why you see KINGS FALL and there is nothing anyone can do about it but LIFE goes on.” he said.


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